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Product Weights and Dimensions Importer for WooCommerce

by Poly Plugins in on December 24, 2020

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Billed once per year until cancelled

Most startups we’ve encountered with our clients tend to start without inputting weights or dimensions on their products. Flat rate can only get you so far with a growing company on WooCommerce. More than likely you’ve grown quickly, and need to make use of third party services such as UPS or FedEx. By now you’ve realized that in order to use these services, you have to have the weights and dimensions entered, but you have so many products that manually editing each product with weights and dimensions is too time consuming. Poly Plugins is here to help with our Product Shipping Details Importer. Simply export your products as a CSV from WooCommerce, edit the CSV with your weights and dimensions, and then import them using our plugin. After you have a successful import, we recommend installing our Default Product Shipping Details plugin, so that if there are any future weights or dimensions that get left out it won’t prevent a customer from checking out.


  • CSV file uploader
  • Verifies each ID is a valid product
  • Column title checks
  • Uses update_post_meta to optimize and reduce db queries


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Billed once per year until cancelled