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by Poly Plugins in , on December 17, 2023

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  • Billed once per month until cancelled, after a 3 month free trial

Unlock a new realm of brand connectivity with our cutting-edge Perk Peak app available for Android and iOS. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your brand’s WordPress ecosystem, our platform empowers your customers to experience a holistic view of their points and rewards journey, WooCommerce shop, WordPress blog, and upcoming events – all within the Perk Peak app.

Currently available only in the US.

Want to see a demo? Download our Android or iOS app and use the member ID 70-2-22CF. Each user is assigned a unique ID that let’s us know how to connect them to your brand via the app.

Our goal was to create an affordable mobile app solution for small to medium sized businesses, without them having to pay upwards of $20,000. Easily customize the colors of the app and the icon used from the Perk Peak Connector plugin in the backend of WordPress. While we currently support only WordPress, we plan to bring integrations to other platforms and loyalty / event plugins. For those that want to jump in right away, we’re working on documentation to build your own integrations via our API.

Key Features:

  1. Reward History at a Glance:
    • Delight your customers by allowing them to effortlessly track their Points and Rewards history directly through the Perk Peak app.
    • Foster loyalty as users stay engaged with their earned perks and incentives.
  2. WooCommerce Shop Integration:
    • Drive traffic and boost conversions by showcasing your WooCommerce shop within the Perk Peak app.
    • Streamlined user experience as customers seamlessly transition to your website for purchases, without the hassle of re-entering financial details.
  3. WordPress Blog Access:
    • Enhance brand storytelling by integrating your WordPress blog, enabling users to stay informed about the latest updates, product launches, and engaging content.
    • Foster a sense of community and connection through valuable and relevant blog posts.
  4. Events Calendar Integration:
    • Elevate user experience with integrated event listings from The Event Calendar plugin.
    • Keep your audience engaged and informed about upcoming events, product launches, and promotions.
  5. Customization:
    • Customize your icon, colors, and more via the integration plugin.

Exclusive Availability in the US:

  • Perk Peak is currently available exclusively for brands operating in the United States.

Upcoming Integrations:

  • We’re committed to expanding our platform to support a wider array of reward platforms, content management systems (CMS), and event platforms.
  • Have a suggestion? Share your ideas for additional integrations, and help us tailor our services to meet your brand’s unique needs!

Experience the Future of Brand Connectivity:

  • Elevate your brand’s presence and foster customer loyalty through the Perk Peak app. Stay ahead of the competition by embracing seamless integration and personalized engagement.

Ready to Elevate Your Brand?

  • Explore the possibilities with Perk Peak and witness the transformation in customer engagement. Contact us today to discuss your brand’s unique requirements and be a part of the future of customer loyalty.

Have a suggestion for additional integrations? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us now to share your ideas and help shape the future of Perk Peak.




  • Adding field to Push Notification for linking, so it can take the user there on click of the notification.
  • Options to add more CTA’s to download the app throughout your brand’s website.


  • On click of a push notification, take the user to the app and switch to the brand sending the push notification. (We’re actually not sure this can be done yet, have to look through the push notifications service documentation)
  • New Design
  • Scan Member ID using QR code
  • Billed once per month until cancelled, after a 3 month free trial

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